He Said: She Said: A Practical Guide to Finance and Money During Divorce

Barbara and her late husband Herb wrote “He Said: She Said: A Practical Guide to Finance and Money During Divorce” after seeing divorcing couples make the same mistakes and wrong assumptions over and over again. The book was published in July 2015.

Two cannot live as cheaply as one after divorce. The divorce ends a financial partnership as well as a romantic relationship. One household becomes two and expenses double while income often stays the same. The book is primarily aimed at the spouse who never paid any attention to the bills and family finances. It provides basic information on budgeting, savings, investments and financial planning and gives readers the information they need to ask the right questions of their own lawyers and financial managers.

The book is written from both of Herb and Barbara’s points of view and brings a light touch to a difficult topic. It also draws upon the expert opinions of experienced divorce lawyers, a probate court judge, counselors, psychologists and bankers with intimate understanding of the financial challenge of divorce.

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